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The word tapas is derived from the Spanish/Portuguese verb tapar, to cover, a cognate of the English top. Before the 19th century European roads were in a bad condition. Some were originally old Roman roads; some were trails dating from the Middle Ages. Travelling was slow and exhausting and most people could not read or write. Inns, called posadas, albergues, or bodegas, grew up along the roads offering meals and rooms, plus fresh horses for travellers. Since few innkeepers could write and few travellers read, inns offered their guests a sample of the dishes available on a tapa (the word for pot cover in Spanish). In fact, a tapa was (and still is) a small portion of any kind of Spanish cuisine.
Through the centuries the style of small amounts of different things was adopted by many other traditions and today can be found from Spain to the USA and now here in Swellendam.
Our braai-crazy South Africans have developed a tapas sort of our own – we call it “plankie” style. When we braai favourites like steak, take it fresh of the grill onto a chopping board, slice it thinly and share right there around the fire.
Our new menu is a combination of all the above and we invite you to try new things, different combinations but most of all – try it with your loved ones.
How to enjoy tapas...
 Because tapas are informal the atmosphere is convivial and noisy.  Once seated, don’t order everything at once. Many tapas are already prepared and you could end up with 5-6 dishes arriving at once. Also, you may see something “walk by” that looks good, so best to start with just one or two tapas each and take it from there.
  Our 5 House Rules:
Rule #1		 Bring Friends
Rule #2      Don’t be in a hurry
Rule #3      Build your own meal from the different 
							sectors, a good starter is always the 																		
							dips/spreads or soup with our famous 
							roosterkoek.  Then move over to the meats and 										
							pair them with a few sides and veggies
Rule #4      There is a routine – stick to it
								1. You arrive at Old Gaol
								2. You order a drink and one or two tapas
								3. You drink, you eat, you have a good time. You 											  
								repeat step 2
Rule #5 		Come again 

Note the following: 
·         Food is prepared in a kitchen which uses nuts and food may contain trace elements
·         Our kitchen is neither Kosher nor Halaal
·         Groups of 8 or more will be subjected to a 12% service fee.  Anyone wishing to tip their waitron more is encouraged to do so
·         Right of admission reserved
Should there be something you are not happy about, please let us know while you are still with us so we can address it right away.  We pride ourselves on you leaving Old Gaol happy with your experience, so please extend us this courtesy.
Veggies Tapas Style
Dips & Spreads
Served with our famous roosterkoek...
Hummus R30
Tzatziki R30
Roasted Red Pepper R32
Calamata Olive Tapenade R32
Cream Cheese, Basil & Sundried Tomato Pesto R36
Cognac Infused Chicken Liver Pâté R34
Brown Mushroom & Biltong Pâté R36
Extra roosterkoek R10 

We do from spicy butternut to bacon & mielie, spinach or tomato.  
Just check the flavour available with the waiter.
All soups are served with a roosterkoek and butter.

Starter portion	R40
Main portion R50
Tapas Style
	 				                 Small						Large
Old Style Greek						 R35						R65
Grandma’s Coleslaw					 R40						R70
Classic Salsa 						 R40						R65
- tomato, onion, cucumber & basil
Crunchy Asian						 R35						R65

Roasted Vegetable Bowl R35
Sauteed Mix	R35
Vegetable Spring Rolls R32
Cheese & Jalapeno Halfmoons R32
Sweet Baby Beetroots R32
Steak Tapas Style
 Cajun Chicken Fillet R75
– imagine Eastern here and order with
 egg noodle and crunchy Asian salad
Chicken & Coriander Spring Rolls R48
Mature Rump Steak thinly sliced with coarse salt R80
Smoked Paprika Pulled Pork R50
– yummy with a taco and coleslaw
Crispy Pork Belly Square R75
Lamb Lollies with Balsamic Glaze R85
Lamb Kofta’s R80
– try the Greek combo of tzatziki and beetroot here
Spicy Mexican Mince	R50
 – another taco favourite
Prawn & Bacon Skewer R85

		Small R15
		Medium R20
Egg noodle R15
Taco’s – two shells R15
Naan - garlic or plain (check availability) R15
Sweet Nummies
Pavlova Roulade R45
Malva Pudding with Custard R45
Pavlova Roulade
There are only three things women
need in life: food, water, and compliments. - Chris Rock

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